Let the Fireworks Boom!

The smell of fresh rain. The vastness of the dark velvet sky spotted with twinkling stars. Hot delicious food straight from the grill. Laughter. Children playing freely. The fire giving warmth and light as bonding between friends and family occur. Sounds like heaven? Close enough- I am talking about our Red River Camping trip. 75 degree weather, lots of hiking trails, good breweries, and lots of great company. I do believe that the best memories we make are moments like this. I am so fucking grateful that we can live and let live freely.

The fourth of July is a day of celebration- to celebrate freedom. Being in the mountains with family and friends is a symbol of letting freedom ring. No worries of tomorrow. No regrets of the past. No oppressions of any kind. Just acceptance, love and joy. People getting together because other people paid the price for our freedom. So let the fireworks boom, and eat, drink and be grateful.  Enjoy the pictures.

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