Happy 2017!

15747360_10210877245222318_8857986783472793935_nInstead of making resolutions I have decided to make a few goals for this upcoming year. In my journey around the universe I have realized that setting goals is more realistic and gives me more of a direction in my life.

  1. Financial- Our household needs a major financial diet in order to get out of some debt. With dedication and hard work we should be able to pay off high interest credit cards in the next couple of years.
  2. Physical- Eat better. Drink less alcohol. And gosh darn it I will do that marathon this year.
  3. Spiritual- I really want to start living my life with a more positive attitude. No more fear, anger and bitterness. That means forgiving more, loving more, and being more kind. Pray more and start appreciating the moment.
  4. Parenting- I want my kids to know that I fiercely love them. Listen to them more, and pay attention to them.
  5. Relationships- I need to put more effort in letting the people in my life know that I am here. I want to be a better friend to all.
  6. Career- Make level 3 and be a more fun and loving teacher.
  7. Home- I have accepted that my house will always be a tad messy and won’t be a model house, but we are committed to get rid of a lot of clutter and let go of a lot of unnecessary items in our life. Less is more.

It’s a pretty typical goal list. Not much different from the last few years. The difference is as I grow as a human being, each goal continues to guide me in living a life that is free from all the junk that gets in the way of a happy, successful life. Life to me, after all, is practicing.

Here is to hope, faith and love. Love being the greatest of all. Peace my friends.

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