10 Minutes

IMG_1487That’s all ask of my students, 10 minutes of writing everyday, so I need to do the same. Another goal I have decided for myself this year to write more. I have always came up with the excuse that I didn’t have time or had nothing to write about- translation- I am afraid what I write isn’t going to be good enough. Somehow I just want to be able to sit down and vomit a master piece with no or little effort. Yeah. I know. Who doesn’t.  But the only way I will improve, and the only way I can be the author I want to be is to write. Sometimes I will write essays that are brilliant and other times, perhaps not.

Just as in training for a marathon. I can’t expect to just go outside and run 26.2 miles with no or little training. I have to put on my running shoes and run. Train. I have to motivate myself and do just do my fuckin best. The reason I want to run a marathon is for me. My writing needs to be the same way. I need to turn on my computer and just write. What comes out, comes out. I must continue this journey with a light heart, humor and lots of kindness- after all I can be pretty hard on myself.

So for the next few weeks I am going to dedicate myself to writing for 10 minutes. Even if I have nothing to write about. Doesn’t mean you have to read it, but maybe, just maybe something I write might just save the world- okay, okay a little ambitious, but hey, maybe inspire for change, healing, peace and love- with some humor if I can. If not. That’s okay too.

So this little introduction to my new journey of this ten minute writing goes to my cute and adorable husband- Since he now has to wait ten minutes before banging me.

Love and hope my friends.

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