PMS Sucks

I am not just saying it sucks because I am PMSing, it really does suck. All I want to do is throat punch people, cry, eat a shit load of chocolate and sit on my ass and do absolutely nothing. All while feeling bloated, having break-outs, and my hair never seems to do what it should- oh wait- it never does!

As I get older- oh God I am going to be how old this year?!- I become more and more tired of trying to fight it and find relief. I think I should just take two weeks of the month off. No matter what I say or do is completely off record and not held against me! Even if I do throat punch somebody- I will gladly take Visa or MasterCard if you are looking to hire someone to throat punch that bitch at work. It’s a win-win situation.

Oh, and if you are reading this my sweet and cute cowboy, maybe a foot-rub tonight while feeding me chocolate and agreeing with EVERYTHING I say! That just might make me feel better. MUAH!

Well good-day my friends- I am off to find some chocolate, and if my kids ate it all they are going die.

Love and Peace always.


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