Men are Blind

This morning my loving and caring husband wanted to make us an omelet. If you haven’t noticed, Dan does most of the cooking and why I carry a few extra pounds around the waist. He loves to use butter on everything! We have compromised on substituting Extra Virgin Olive Oil in place of the butter for most of the cooking, but I have my suspicions that he says fuck it and puts in the butter anyway- because butter.

Anyhoo, my darling hubby was looking for the left over tomatoes from last nights dinner and since I have this super power of throwing stuff out- its my method of keeping the house clean, thank you very much, he assumed I tossed it out. In all fairness, I also assumed I tossed it out.

Now my little monster who calls me mama wanted a morning snack and so grabbed my finger and dragged me to the fridge- so guess what I find in the middle, FRONT  shelf in the fridge- Yup the fucking tomatoes.

What is it about men and not finding shit in the fridge?

Have a great Sunday my friends- love your people.

P.S. While I was writing this kick-ass blog my husband was literally taking a bite out of the block of butter.

P.P.S  I was just informed that the block of butter was actually a block of cheese. What a wonderful wife I am that I actually believed he took a huge bite of butter-  it’s going to be a long day.

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