I love this man! I wish we had more men like him in this world. I sometimes wonder what the hell is wrong with us in that we seem to be back sliding in making this world a better and safer place, or at least it seems that way. All day long on my Facebook feed I saw one quote after another spoken by MLK. It’s great to see so many people believe in his fight and his wisdom …and yet to practice such noble ways- that’s not so easy.

It’s easy to post glittering generalities and say we believe in having a world that MLK dreamed of- and yet racism is still a problem. I’m scared, no frightened and confused that we elected a President who doesn’t hold to these values and doesn’t seem to care about the minorities of our country. The truth is, I’m not scared or confused of him, I’m scared and confused of the people who voted him in.

I suppose I didn’t post anything on my Facebook or Instagram about MLK  because I’m tired of hearing and talking about changing this world, and then continue to live my life as a moderate- one who prefers to sit back and do nothing in times of adversity.  I shrug my shoulders in grief and say a quick prayer and move on.

As MLK said, “Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.” I do believe he would be gravely disappointed in us.


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