Men are Blind

This morning my loving and caring husband wanted to make us an omelet. If you haven’t noticed, Dan does most of the cooking and why I carry a few extra pounds around the waist. He loves to use butter on everything! We have compromised on substituting Extra Virgin Olive Oil in place of the butter for most of the cooking, but I have my suspicions that he says fuck it and puts in the butter anyway- because butter.

Anyhoo, my darling hubby was looking for the left over tomatoes from last nights dinner and since I have this super power of throwing stuff out- its my method of keeping the house clean, thank you very much, he assumed I tossed it out. In all fairness, I also assumed I tossed it out.

Now my little monster who calls me mama wanted a morning snack and so grabbed my finger and dragged me to the fridge- so guess what I find in the middle, FRONT  shelf in the fridge- Yup the fucking tomatoes.

What is it about men and not finding shit in the fridge?

Have a great Sunday my friends- love your people.

P.S. While I was writing this kick-ass blog my husband was literally taking a bite out of the block of butter.

P.P.S  I was just informed that the block of butter was actually a block of cheese. What a wonderful wife I am that I actually believed he took a huge bite of butter-  it’s going to be a long day.

PMS Sucks

I am not just saying it sucks because I am PMSing, it really does suck. All I want to do is throat punch people, cry, eat a shit load of chocolate and sit on my ass and do absolutely nothing. All while feeling bloated, having break-outs, and my hair never seems to do what it should- oh wait- it never does!

As I get older- oh God I am going to be how old this year?!- I become more and more tired of trying to fight it and find relief. I think I should just take two weeks of the month off. No matter what I say or do is completely off record and not held against me! Even if I do throat punch somebody- I will gladly take Visa or MasterCard if you are looking to hire someone to throat punch that bitch at work. It’s a win-win situation.

Oh, and if you are reading this my sweet and cute cowboy, maybe a foot-rub tonight while feeding me chocolate and agreeing with EVERYTHING I say! That just might make me feel better. MUAH!

Well good-day my friends- I am off to find some chocolate, and if my kids ate it all they are going die.

Love and Peace always.


A Little Bravery Goes a Long Way

Recently I have finished watching a series called Band of Brothers. If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend it. Basically it is about World War II and the soldiers who fought there. We see the battles, the bravery, the fear, the loneliness, and of course the bond that is built with these young men.

I truly believe that we are soldiers in this life. Fighting, battling, and trying to find meaning with our short lives. All of us fight demons of some sort and all of us are tired and grouchy and some days we show fear and other times we are brave.

I suppose what we are fighting for is what gives us purpose, hope and a legacy. I have been thinking a lot about what it is I am fighting for. If only I can defeat these demons of fear and fatigue. But even when I feel that way, I must fight. Just like the soldiers who fought in World War II.

Smile, laugh, be kind, and love others- even when I am full of fear and fatigue. That is bravery in my book.

10 Minutes

IMG_1487That’s all ask of my students, 10 minutes of writing everyday, so I need to do the same. Another goal I have decided for myself this year to write more. I have always came up with the excuse that I didn’t have time or had nothing to write about- translation- I am afraid what I write isn’t going to be good enough. Somehow I just want to be able to sit down and vomit a master piece with no or little effort. Yeah. I know. Who doesn’t.  But the only way I will improve, and the only way I can be the author I want to be is to write. Sometimes I will write essays that are brilliant and other times, perhaps not.

Just as in training for a marathon. I can’t expect to just go outside and run 26.2 miles with no or little training. I have to put on my running shoes and run. Train. I have to motivate myself and do just do my fuckin best. The reason I want to run a marathon is for me. My writing needs to be the same way. I need to turn on my computer and just write. What comes out, comes out. I must continue this journey with a light heart, humor and lots of kindness- after all I can be pretty hard on myself.

So for the next few weeks I am going to dedicate myself to writing for 10 minutes. Even if I have nothing to write about. Doesn’t mean you have to read it, but maybe, just maybe something I write might just save the world- okay, okay a little ambitious, but hey, maybe inspire for change, healing, peace and love- with some humor if I can. If not. That’s okay too.

So this little introduction to my new journey of this ten minute writing goes to my cute and adorable husband- Since he now has to wait ten minutes before banging me.

Love and hope my friends.

Happy 2017!

15747360_10210877245222318_8857986783472793935_nInstead of making resolutions I have decided to make a few goals for this upcoming year. In my journey around the universe I have realized that setting goals is more realistic and gives me more of a direction in my life.

  1. Financial- Our household needs a major financial diet in order to get out of some debt. With dedication and hard work we should be able to pay off high interest credit cards in the next couple of years.
  2. Physical- Eat better. Drink less alcohol. And gosh darn it I will do that marathon this year.
  3. Spiritual- I really want to start living my life with a more positive attitude. No more fear, anger and bitterness. That means forgiving more, loving more, and being more kind. Pray more and start appreciating the moment.
  4. Parenting- I want my kids to know that I fiercely love them. Listen to them more, and pay attention to them.
  5. Relationships- I need to put more effort in letting the people in my life know that I am here. I want to be a better friend to all.
  6. Career- Make level 3 and be a more fun and loving teacher.
  7. Home- I have accepted that my house will always be a tad messy and won’t be a model house, but we are committed to get rid of a lot of clutter and let go of a lot of unnecessary items in our life. Less is more.

It’s a pretty typical goal list. Not much different from the last few years. The difference is as I grow as a human being, each goal continues to guide me in living a life that is free from all the junk that gets in the way of a happy, successful life. Life to me, after all, is practicing.

Here is to hope, faith and love. Love being the greatest of all. Peace my friends.