As I sit here writing this, my two year old little girl is playing with her puzzles and watching her favorite kids show. She is so little, yet full of life and curiosity. She loves to give hugs and explore the world around her. This time of innocence seems to be dissipating quicker with every generation doesn’t it? I am amazed on how fast children loose their innocence and try to grow up way too fast.

I love my children more than life itself. I was a young mother to my first two, so naturally I made a lot of mistakes, but alas, they are good people.

Being a mother has changed me in ways I never thought. I did not know a person could love someone this much and continue to love them even when they pull your hair and cause you a lot of grief- and money. It’s strange how this unconditional love seems to only stop at our children. We don’t divorce them, we don’t abandon them, we don’t harm them.

So it’s confusing to me when I hear about little children in our world who are victims of cold blooded crimes. It is even more confusing and  angers me when I hear that is was a parent or someone close to them who committed the crime. I am not one to judge, but there is something seriously wrong with a person who can harm their own child in unimaginable ways.

I know talking politics is taboo and people are sick and tired of hearing about it- trust me I am too. But when ever the topic comes up, I have yet to hear about a policy or bill to stop human trafficking- specifically children. I understand we are upset about a wall going up and a travel ban to outsiders and not hosting refugees in their time of need. I understand the emotions and the moral dilemma with those issues, but why isn’t anyone talking about the human trafficking issue?

Over 32 billion dollars a year is made in the child porn industry. 32 billion dollars! When I wrote that number, I had to stop and breathe, it angers me with all my soul. It angers me that my neighbors, my brothers, my sisters and my friends are watching stuff like this- thus supporting the sexual crimes of these innocent children. Anyone who gets off watching a two year old get raped- while she is believing its nothing but an act of play is not human. They are assholes, no worse than assholes. I don’t even have the vocabulary to describe a person like that.

I want to know why our public service men and women are not fighting this fight? And if they are why isn’t it being more public? Why as a society, as a community, are we not fighting this fight? I have a two year old, a fifteen year old and a seventeen year old- I can’t imagine something like that happening to them, and if something ever did, I would want my neighbors, and brothers, and sisters and friends to fight the good fight. I am positive you would want the same for your kids.

I don’t know friends- am I the only one outraged and confused with how our world is turning out? It seems we only care about our own and turn a blind eye when we should be more aware and do the right thing. It seems to me that issues like this- child porn, school and public shootings, rape, racism, suicide are becoming more and more normalized. Sure we get sad and angry, shrug our shoulders and go on with our pointless lives.

If I sound angry and accusatory I will not apologize for it. I believe with all my heart that child sexual abuse of any kind, especially if it’s being sold for money online, should NEVER be an issue. It is our responsibility and for all human dignity that we fight in our own way to stop this madness.

Please visit the website Thorn:

Also take a look at what Ashton Kutcher is doing:

I plea with all of you my friends to please consider helping this cause. I don’t always ask a lot from you and certainly wouldn’t do so if I didn’t think it was important. All children matter. They deserve better. Thank you.

32 billion dollars!

Love Always.

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