The Holidays Have No Mercy

I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of the Holidays. I would rather face a plethora of Mondays then face the ever so heart warming disappointments of the Holidays.

But here I am. One day away from the tradition of sitting around a well dressed up table with the family that is- well, not what Norman Rockwell would consider ideal.

Growing up the Holidays were a big disappointment for me. If it wasn’t for my extended family Holidays may have been nonexistent or tragic. It always seemed to me that the Holidays were nothing more than an obligation to fulfill in order to deliver enough family warmth to carry us over for the entire next year.

Now that my family dynamics have changed significantly- divorced, blended, one kid out of the house, one living with his dad, one still in diapers and rifts with some family members that continue to grow deeper- the Holidays have no mercy!

It’s true that family is hard. We may dread the Holidays because we don’t want to face the reality of our flawful (don’t think that is a word) family. Sometimes we get hurt when someone can’t make it to our home for dinner, or they choose to go somewhere else. We resent the passive-aggressive remarks that are made to each other. All the while thinking that EVERYONE ELSE IS HAVING THE PICTURE PERFECT HOLIDAY GET TOGETHER.

The truth may well be that not one single family out there fits the ideal image we have created in our little minds. And just because our families are flawful- does not mean we shouldn’t be grateful. That we shouldn’t love them anyway.

This year I have chosen to let go of the expectations of what I think the Holidays should be. Instead, my home will be full of the people I love. For those who can’t make it, due to other obligations or family rifts- I bow my head in prayerful gratitude and know you are in my heart.

In the end of the day it all comes down to attitude. You know the cliche- an attitude of gratitude.

I’m grateful for you my friend! Happy Thanksgiving!..

Love Always.