Another Fucking Post about Gun Control

Enough is enough.

How many?


I hear the other side- it’s not a gun control issue it’s a mental health issue…It’s a society issue… It’s a parenting issue… Blah blah blah…

Excuse me, but doesn’t those issues PROVE we need gun control- I mean I don’t want a person who is mentally unstable, emotionally stunted, or who wasn’t raised to know right from wrong to own a fucking gun. PERIOD. Especially one that is semi-automatic. I mean doesn’t it make sense. I don’t understand why we as a UNITED country can’t just bind together and tell our leaders to enforce some common sense laws to control the gun issues we are having. I mean we ban books, drugs, and just recently we had a travel ban… but somehow mass shootings are not a gun issue… ummm is there a different interpretation for the the word “shootings,” because last time I checked we didn’t have a mass stabbing… how can we not connect these “shootings” to guns.

Yes, we have the right to bear arms, so does that mean I should let my three old have one? How absurd would it be if I let my three old play with a gun- we all know how negligent, dangerous and stupid that is, yet we think it is okay for a mentally unstable person with no background check to own one.

Should my fifteen year old have a semi-automatic because it is his right? The legal age to drink alcohol is 21, yet an 18 year old can purchase a gun regardless of background checks, and mental stability.  I mean if my 15 year old is acting like an asshole I don’t let him continue to play video games because it’s his “right.” I take that shit away until he is mature and respectful enough to play.

I agree 100% with the people in this country who say that our society is to blame for these mass shootings. So until we can get our shit together and form a much better society- lets pass some gun laws to protect the innocent children of our future.

And for a personal story-

I was ten years old when I saw my dad put a rifle to his mouth. I thought he was going to pull the trigger. He didn’t.

He was emotionally unstable, and he got rid of his rifle after that incident. THANK GOD!  He had the common sense to know that having that weapon in the house was only trouble.

For Children’s sake- let’s do this.