What about Respect?


I see it everywhere now.

In light of recent events, we are promoting, encouraging others to be kind.

What does that really mean?

A few days ago I received an email from an angry parent. I teach 6th graders. The parent was angry about a comment I made to their child. The way the child perceived the comment and how I made the comment were completely misinterpreted.

The email wasn’t kind. Beyond that, it was down right disrespectful. Being the ultra sensitive person I am, the words in the email left me crying. I began to believe that maybe I am not cut out to be a teacher after all- the parent did say I needed to be trained in the proper way on how to be one, after all.

You see, it wasn’t just about the comment the parent was addressing, the parent accused me of being a bully.

Ironic that one comment that was completely misunderstood, left me being the bully.

Forget that the rest of the year was full of positive feedback to this child.

Forget about all the time and effort I put in to ensure this child be successful.

Forget about how much I care and love this child and would never want to cause them harm.

Heck, most of the teachers I know would die for their students and have! 

So I write this morning to tell you, that even though we should be kind to one another, let us also not forget to show respect to one another.

It doesn’t matter if we disagree, it doesn’t matter if we get angry at each other, it doesn’t matter! We as human beings deserve respect.

I know I am an excellent teacher. I know that I am a decent human being. I have flaws and I make mistakes. I have insecurities, and I’ve been told that I am a pushover- that I am too nice. I don’t think those issues mean I should be disrespected, or accused of being something I am not.

Let us remember that MOST human beings are doing the best they can. Let us remember that giving people the benefit of the doubt is far more productive in achieving kindness and respect than to attack them and falsely accuse them.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather be respected for who I am then to be treated with token kindness.

I’m not as upset about the email as I was when I first received it- I’ve prayed about it and prayed for the parent- at first it was a prayer that she choke on some of her bullshit words, but I’m still learning to suck less. 🙂

Love Always