Attitude of Gratitude

Since the beginning of 2018 I kept a Gratitude Journal. At the end of the day, before slumber was upon me, I would take a few minutes to be thankful. There were days where it was not so hard to find the gratitude- days that went my way, days that were full of sunshine and lots of good music.

Then there were those days when it wasn’t so easy to find the gratitude. Days of heartbreaking news, days of conflict, or sometimes just feeling down. Even on those days, I forced myself to be thankful.


What I found doing this- as all others before me who have done this, have discovered, is how much it enriches your life and how overwhelming you feel about how wonderful life is.

I also discovered this little gem- The days that were a little darker, or days that seem to never end due to the stresses of life, were the days that proved to be my growth. Through the darkness, I discover the wonder of the light. Through the hardships I learn more about courage, and bravery. Through my pain I understand compassion. Through feeling defeated, I know that rising again is way more victorious then allowing myself to stay down.


I’ve learned that I am still getting know myself- therefore the feedback I receive from others about myself is never accurate. This means that my opinion of others is also not accurate. Making judgements, and making assumptions, is one of the evils we have yet to admit for change.

Taking the time to reflect on the day, and even if you must squint to find the gratitude for that day, is a remarkable little tool to assist in making us suck less. I highly recommend it!

Love Always