Why Live Debt Free?

I first heard of Dave Ramsey 14 years ago. Yeah, 14 years ago. I was 26 years old. The only debt I had at the time was some student loans and one credit card under $1000. If I had applied Ramsey’s teachings back then, I would be a millionaire today! I am not being dramatic- the math says so. In my last post- where I exposed very intimate details of our finances- you may have taken notice that we were paying $2000 a month on debt. If I had invested that $2000 in mutual funds at say 15% annual rate- I would have $1,117,929!! Don’t believe me, check out this graphic below.

But even if I invested less than $2000 a month and it was less than 15%, I would still have a shit load more money than I have right now. Which is basically in the negative because I am in living in debt!

You better believe I am kicking myself in the rear-end! So why? Since we are already so far into the hole, why bother? In other words, isn’t our situation hopeless? And now that Dan is unemployed- hell might as well throw in the towel and move in with the in-laws. STOP!!! I think that right there is a HUGE reason to live debt free- who wants to live with their in-laws??? Yes, my in-laws are one of the best people I know, but I don’t think living with them would be good for any of our mental health. Your In-Laws are not a retirement plan!

Living without debt means FREEDOM. You get to have your money- that you worked for– work for you, rather than giving it to the banking corporations to use as they please. Debt free living means being generously benevolent. Making no payments gives you the ability to enjoy the stuff that makes your boat float- literally. 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I would love to visit Italy some day, and eat all the pasta, and drink all the wine in that cute little cafe on the corner street without the worry of having to make payments later at a higher price in the end- fuckin interest rates!

I know, I know, easier said then done. If it was that easy and that wonderful then why didn’t I do it earlier? Well, I am not proud of my past. The debt I accumulated is only a direct correlation of the poor decisions I made. I lacked the skills, the knowledge, the confidence, the self-discipline and the PATIENCE to understand the VALUE of money. Instant gratification is the tool these mother-fuckers- I mean marketers-use to sell us shit we don’t really need, to impress the people we can’t stand!

The first step to living debt fee is your WHY.

My why has four names- Dan, Stacy, Kevin and Avery. My why also goes by the name Roxanne. We love to hang out and eat. We love to play sports and play instruments. We love to entertain our friends and family. We love to go camping and explore new trails. We want to be ridiculously giving! We want to be able to be free to contribute in making this world suck a little less. We have dreams!

Living in debt, and not being able to pay the debtors back, is living a nightmare. They will take away your wages. They will take away your cars. They will take away your house. They will take away your integrity! Then what will you have left?

What is so intriguing about debt is that it sparkles with the promises of happiness and success- and under the surface of that sparkle is just an illusion of having a life that isn’t real.

The road ahead looks windy and bumpy, and our gas tank is running on low. During this dark time, our WHY are the fumes in which keeps our eyes on the goal. That’s right- we are going to be millionaires, because it is never too late to get started.

What is your WHY?

Love Always

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