Glimpses of Good

Dear Friends,

When you have those days, weeks, months or years where life just hits you hard in the gutt, there are little glimpses of good just for you.

Sometimes it feels hopeless with no end in sight. You just want to hide and lock the door and just let it pass, but it doesn’t.

Every little fuckin thing just irritates you, and what’s worse is when you see everyone around you celebrating life. You feel alone. Not just alone, but so alone you can’t breathe.

And just when you can’t take one more bite of what life gives you, there it is.

A glimpse of good.

Maybe it is in the words of an old friend that was sitting on your night stand waiting for you to pick it up and read.

Maybe it is in the eyes of your little girl, and all she wants is to dance and twirl.

Maybe it is softly saying “good-bye” to that very person, or thing, or dream and releasing all that baggage.

And it wasn’t an accident. No. Nothing in this life is an accident.

That little glimpse was just for you. For you alone.

Then you can breathe a little easier.

The colors start to look sharp again. And what’s that? A little smile?

Life sometimes feels like one big giant scary toilet, ready to flush you down to some unknown abyss.

That’s when the those little glimpses become so real, so valuable, because you realize that you are stronger than you believe.

There was a time, when you rode your bike and you let go of the handle bars, and for that moment the wind in your hair, and the beat of you heart was all about trusting. Trusting that you will not let yourself fall. And if you did fall, you could pick yourself up and dust your feet.

All it takes is one sentence. One sentence to change your entire course. “We are sorry to tell you, but you are no longer employed… you are no longer healthy… you are no longer loved…you are no longer needed… your loved one has passed…”

Then what?

You keep on climbing.


Because the world needs little glimpses of good. And you may not know it now, or it may not feel like it, but YOU are a glimpse of good.

Your little light shines to help the other travelers find their way home.

That little light is your story.

Always unfinished, always turning, always unpredictable.

Either way, it is BEAUTIFUL!

Open your eyes. Squint if you must. Those glimpses are there. Around you, through you, and in you.

Love Always.

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