A Whole Five Years

Dan and I are celebrating five years of marriage. It was the broken road that we had to travel to find one another. The life we are creating together has been above any expectations I held when I dreamed of finding my life partner.

We’ve had our arguments, our disagreements, we even had to seek some counseling. We are determined and will do whatever it takes to make this work. Any healthy relationship takes work. It’s about giving and receiving. It’s about learning the kind of communication that enables understanding and compassion. It’s about having fun and keeping the fire a blaze.

It’s strange how we imagine love when we are young- that it’ll be so easy and effortless. To be carried away into the sunset and nothing will stop you and your prince.

The hard truth is that it does take certain skills to make a relationship healthy, thriving and everlasting. Listening skills. Forgiveness skills. Sacrificing skills. Encouragement skills. Boundary skills. Being Vulnerable skills.

It took me a little longer to really understand what true love meant. Dan has helped me understand that.

He stood by me in my worst and fought for me when I wanted to give up. He stood up for me when others criticized me or put me down. He respects me and honors me.

Dan isn’t perfect but his way of loving me is.

Cheers to five great fuckin years!

Oh and the man writes me poetry too…

Love Always

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