Certain Dates

There are certain dates that seem to trigger emotions in us. Today, for example, is my youngest daughter’s birthday. As much joy and excitement one can feel for a celebratory day, it also triggers sadness.

Avery’s birth story was one that changed relationships. I have written about it before, and although each year seems to get better, this one brings on a new kind of sadness with once again a newly defined relationship.

There is nothing more painful then when you have family members who want nothing to do with you and your family. In fact, I am confident that most of our pain in this world has to do with some kind of broken relationship.

Maybe it is for the best, but it doesn’t stop the pain. I’ll never understand why being right, or hurt, matters more than loving and forgiving. Think about that. Maybe we could all have better relationships if we could just love and forgive- let shit go and just get along.

I know- I’m starting to realize what an idealist I am. So instead of contemplating the “what could be” I will accept “what is” and celebrate someone’s life.

Life is the true gift and Love is the bread and water that makes life grow. And that’s why certain dates have more meaning than others- days of joy, days of sadness, days of healing, days of brokenness, days that trigger emotions in us.

Love Always

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