Haiku Island

As our baby sleeps

And for a moment, time stops

Life is amazing

When my husband and I first started dating he swooned me by the many haikus he wrote in honor of his love and devotion to me. Enjoy.


You and me outside

The quiet of the morning

Sipping on coffee


Birds chirping away

Mom and dad finch freaking out

My! What bird drama.


Momma, dada, bird.

Crawling all over the place.

Now it seems so fast.


Tomatoes, beans, corn

Look at how our garden grows.

Just like are love grows


Time goes very quick

Our responsibilities…

And the days go by



From the kids – to work.

Whether it’s at home or not

Our life is busy



With that said please know

My love for you is always

And unwavering



I love you Roxanne

More than can ever be shown

In this life and next



My promise to you

And make it my daily goal

Make you feel the love



Forever growing

Forever there in my heart

I love you bebe



It sure is something

How life gets hard, then harder

I am glad you’re there




Everything at once

Doesn’t seem like it will end

It will though. Just breathe



O pop up camper

You allow us to scamper

Anywhere we want



Thinking about you

Thinking about our future

Loving every bit




As I sit outside

Cool air – chickens real loud

I just think of you




Dampness in the air

Morning glories everywhere

Damn morning glories




Steam off the coffee

Sun above the Sandias

What a great Morning




Two cups of coffee

Rain drips flling on the ground.

Oooooo I have to pee


Chickens going bock

Avery going waaa waaa waaa

What a perfect day


She likes white daisies

She loves to have her feet rubbed

She is my bebe


We got our pop up

We got our cold IPAs

Nothing is better



Camping Adventures

No two words do we like more

To the great outdoors